What is Structural Integration/Rolf Method?

The Rolf Method of Structural Integration was introduced over fifty years ago by Dr. Ida P. Rolf with a primary focus on manipulating the muscular and connective tissues of the body into proper alignment for peak performance and health, including prevention and recovery from injury and stress reduction. Unlike forms of deep tissue massage, Rolfing returns the body to a state of balance by manipulating and increasing the elasticity of connective tissues that wrap around every bone and muscle, moving the body into the correct alignment for optimum posture and functioning.

What are the benefits of the Rolf Method?

Research has shown many physical and emotional health benefits from Rolfing including:

  • Easing chronic pain
  • Reducing stress, increasing feelings of relaxation and well-being
  • Improving and aligning posture
  • Creating a more efficient use of muscles
  • Increases elasticity in the connective tissue that wraps all muscle and bone.

Is there a difference between Structural Integration and Rolfing ®?

Dr. Rolf originally called her work Structural Integration. Later, her techniques became known as Rolfing ® and this term has been trademarked by a school for bodywork. Timothy Roode has been fortunate to learn Structural Integration from Ida Rolf's senior students who are dedicated to her original teachings at the Guild for Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado.