Ten series - Can it possibly take fewer or more sessions?

The ten session format of Rolfing is designed to work on the whole body systematically to bring it to a higher level of balance. It is possible for some people to need more than ten sessions to achieve those objectives.

Does The Rolf Studio offer other forms of bodywork?

Yes, Deep Tissue Massage and Active Assisted Stretching.

Deep Tissue Massage releases the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure using oils and cream. Active Assisted Stretching is a facilitated form of stretching that provides lengthening of major muscle groups.

What to Expect?

A Rolf Session typically lasts 80 minutes. For men you will wear underwear or exercise shorts and for women underwear or exercise shorts and a sports bra.  Tim will assess your posture and movement at the beginning and end of the session. During a session, he will apply pressure to the myofascial tissue using his hands, fingers, arms, and sometimes elbow to carefully move the tissue.