Engineer Stephanie

"I've had pain in my lower back and shoulder since 1997 and have tried a variety of solutions with no real success. Rolfing's integrated whole body approach and Tim's keen observation skills identified the common links between these two areas and eliminated the pain. Rolfing also alleviated tightness in muscles I didn't know were tightened up so that I felt as if movements were more fluid while walking and cycling. Rolfing has been a tremendous help to me; Tim is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I'll go back for more body work as part of my fitness improvement program."

Realtor John

"Several months ago I was playing squash with my sister Peg. Being 40 something years old I should have know better—Peg has been beating me at racket sports for almost 30 years. When I lunged sideways for the ball, I (less than gracefully) fell and sprained my ankle. Slightly embarrassed, I kept playing and did nothing about it.
I limped around for a week, and then thought nothing about it. But then I started getting a lot of pain in my knee, thigh and lower back. Since I walk about 3 miles per day selling real estate, this was not a good thing. My trainer Jeanette explained how it was all related. Jeanette told me I should go see Tim and try Rolfing.
You can think of Rolfing as really intense massage, but it’s not, and Tim explains it much better on his web site. Check it out. A couple of sessions with Tim and my pain is gone. I’m moving more freely. And I’m an inch taller. (Well, not exactly . . . but I feel like I am.) Seriously, Tim loves his work, has great personal energy, and is excellent at what he does. It works. Take my advice—Call Tim and schedule a session.
I have referred many people to Tim and they all agree . . . He’s the best!"

Toni, Financial Analyst

"Tim has transformed my posture! I had permanently hunched forward shoulders, re-occurring sciatica and stiffness even though I appeared fit and athletic by other markers. These are pretty common and frustrating symptoms for most 40 year old adults doing desk jobs. My Rolfing experience transformed my quality of life. I built a relationship with Tim over 6 years and I like to think of myself of Tim's most transformed client (I probably am not but I cannot imagine better results than mine)... I have freedom of movement in my spine that is hard to explain in words. I always wish Tim had taken a "before" picture of my posture so that I could show the "after". My posture is now fluid and erect and I thank Tim daily for that gift. It's much more than my spine which constantly improved under his care, but I always celebrate my spine as the winner. Tim puts you instantly at ease with his incredible personality, passion, confidence and competence. I recommend Tim to everyone - whether they are perfectly fit and healthy or if they bring up some stiffness or pain point in conversation - he makes your body move better after every single session and who on earth wouldn't want that. :-) Thank you from my future self, Tim"