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Rolf method of
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What is the Rolf Method?


The Rolf Method of Structural Integration was introduced over fifty years ago by Dr. Ida P. Rolf.   The Rolf Method successfully returns the body to a state of balance with a primary focus on manipulating the muscular and connective tissues of the body into proper alignment for peak performance and health, including
prevention and recovery from injury and stress reduction.


A State of Balance

Unlike forms of deep tissue massage, Rolfing returns the body to a state of balance by manipulating and increasing the elasticity of connective tissues that wrap around every bone and muscle, moving the body into the correct alignment for optimum posture and functioning.

How does it help?

Research has shown many physical and emotional health benefits from Rolfing including:

  • Easing chronic pain
  • Reducing stress, increasing feelings of relaxation and well-being
  • Improving and aligning posture
  • Creating a more efficient use of muscles
  • Increases elasticity in the connective tissue that wraps all muscle and bone.

Timothy Roode

Advanced Rolf Practitioner, US Licensed Massage Therapist

Tim Roode practices the Rolf Method of Structural Integration because he believes it is the most effective means to achieving full body awareness. It is through this awareness, triggered by skillful tissue manipulation, that an individual can radically change his or her fundamental ease of movement.

Tim finds that his clients’ responses range from “I feel different in my body” to “I can do things that I was never able to do before”. He interprets this as the consequence of the application of his training in the Rolf Method of tissue manipulation.

Clients approach Tim with everyday stress, accident-generated discomfort and chronic pain issues from both occupational and unknown sources.

The client-specific process begins with a thorough explanation of the kind of treatment appropriate, and the number of visits most suitable to the circumstances.


Terry and Susan, medical software company founders

"My husband and I were not only clients of Tim Roode's for over a decade when he was located in Boston, but we also became close friends as well.  I am a very physically active person; I run marathons and also participate in long distance cycling events such as the Pan Mass Challenge and the Best Buddies Challenge.  Like me, Tim is also very energetic and physically fit; he is an avid cyclist and is dedicated to his work-outs at the gym.  Tim's personal physical regimen has given him exceptional insight into athletic injuries and ailments.  To date, I have now run in 30 marathons, 25 of which I have run under his guidance and care.  I noticed when I first started working with Tim how his unique Rolfing and massage techniques made an immediate difference on my training routine, resulting in better overall performance and reduced road race finishing times. I have stayed with Tim ever since then and he has become an integral part of my training for all of my events.  Not surprisingly, injuries and setbacks are an occasional part of these physically challenging events, and Tim's expertise has definitely complemented my physical therapy on several occasions. Tim has an intuitive ability to apply just the right amount of pressure to achieve the desired result.  Tim has also put his superior pain relief skills to use in helping my husband overcome the inevitable bumps and bruises that result from his marathon runs, cycling races and kayak competitions.  Reducing muscle tension, pain and stress are definitely his forte, and we plan to fly him back to Boston from time to time to help keep us going!  While we will miss him, on both a professional and personal level, we wish him well in his new endeavours in Canada."  

Vice-President/Equity Manager Ron

"A 40+ year old executive Clydesdale with a history of Achilles tendon issues + rolfing = marathon. Thanks in large part to Tim I am successfully training to run my first marathon in over a decade."

Research Scientist and Yoga Teacher Wendy

"A low back injury brought me to Rolfing. As a scientist who studies the material properties of connective tissue, the Rolfing method of manipulating fascia made scientific sense to me. Feeling my body relax and open up in ways that I have watched pieces of tissue stretch in my lab has been an eye opening experience. Tim not only facilitates the physical change, he teaches you why this is happening.
Tim's ability to explain movement in anatomical terms is exceptional. As a yoga teacher, I highly encourage all yogis to experiment with Rolfing. I guarantee that your practice will become stronger as a result of the process."

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Professional Results

"Tim’s treatment was extremely effective and gave me the ability to play hockey without the burden of injury and get back to my physical prime. I’d recommend him to everyone needing a successful treatment for their physical ailments."